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On a scale from 1-10, how important is your health to you right now?

On that same scale, where is your health right now?

(10 being absolute best and 1 being not so good, pretty lousy actually!)

Would you like to…….

  1. Have increased energy?
  2. Reduce stress?
  3. Increased flexibility?
  4. Reduce muscle aches and pains?
  5. Sleep better?
  6. Play a sport better?
  7. Reduce or eliminate headaches?
  8. Improve digestion?
  9. Release weight?
  10. Slow down the aging process?
  11. Get more out of life?
  12. Get that sleepy slump out of your day
  13. Improve immune system

If you answered YES to any of these questions, YOU potentiality may be an valuable partner in your quest for a healthier life.

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If you are looking for and want more energy, better performance, youthful aging, releasing pounds and inches, then read on!

Our Systems may help save you money on your Food Bill!

If you are really interested in taking everything to a whole other level, then the nutritional transformational systems may be right up your alley! The questions below will help to determine the path that may be the best fit for you in lifestyle and budget! So go ahead and fill those out for yourself and when you are ready for the consultation, call 416-854-0486 and we spend a little time together discerning what would be the best fit.

How much are you spending a month?

1 meal a day $_____ x 60 = $_____

Snacks in 30 days? $_____

Energy shots, coffee and drinks? $_____

Vitamins and Supplements? $_____

Total $___________
This total is then redirected to invest in transforming your health. If the amount of the package you choose is bigger than this number, we subtract this number to give you real hard cost! This was truly mind blowing when I started! I was skeptical, but I knew if I was not happy I could get my money back!

My results. Before I started I was exhausted, stressed out and burned out! I tossed and turned all night. I  slept between clients and cried at the drop of a hat. My life was an emotional roller coaster ride and my bm’s were so slow my bathroom was my library.

My first day. I started sleeping. In my first 9 days  lost 10 inches and not a single pound (for me it was not weight loss). My energy became contagious and I had more muscle definition than I ever had in my life! My stress went down and my joy went up! My library moved out of the bathroom! In 3 weeks my whole emotional life changed! Here is where I got really excited because I knew how many peoples lives could be impacted!

The journey began and the next thing I knew I had a flourishing business that was really transforming lives on so many levels! Now 11 years later, I am even more excited and we are still impacting lives.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy in their body and in their lives!!! 

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