Shiatsu Massage Treatment    $125 +HST clinical hr

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art that has its roots in the age-old tradition of Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu employs manual pressure and gentle stretches to help relieve tension and stress and the discomfort it causes, enhancing the body’s natural healing process. Shiatsu is a highly effective form of bodywork as it tape into the energy system of the body as a whole. Using the same pressure points as acupuncture.Clients often  feel very calm,  energetic and alive after they have received a  treatment.

Hot Stone Massage   $125 +HST clinical hr

Hot Stone Shiatsu is a massage treatment that uses hot stones may be placed on key points or problem areas of the body, so the warmth may penetrate to soften and relax muscle and tissue or the stones may be used to rub over the body. Combining this treatment with the powerful  acu-points of shiatsu makes it a wonderful re-balancing experience.

Healing Touch Treatment   $125 +HST clinical hr

Like Reiki and acupuncture, Healing Touch operates on the subtle energy system of the human body. In Healing Touch, manual manipulation is gentle and non-invasive. By assessing and treating the imbalances in the chakra energy system, the practitioner assists the client in healing.

Ear Candling    $125 +HST clinical hr

A hollow tube of muslin dipped in beeswax, is lit and inserted into the ear creating a gentle vacuum like effect sufficient to lift fungus, yeast, wax, bacteria, or sloughed cells that lay in the Eustachian area. This healing art has been used by many ancient civilizations and may reduce allergies, sinus conditions, hearing loss, earaches, tinnitus,  and balance problems. The process  may also help to balance cranial fluids and drain the lymphatic system. What is different about coming to You Potentiality for ear candling?

We look at the body holistically and look at ways to improve flow and impact results. We blend in a little cranial Sacral therapy, work some shiatsu points as well as some reflexology to assist the body in rebalancing. We may also touch on some nutrition habits that may be impacting you.

Cranial Sacral Therapy   $125 +HST clinical hr

Is a gentle method of detention and correction that encourages your own natural healing mechanisms to dissipate the negative effects of stress on the central nervous system. The practitioner uses a light touch usually no more than the weight of a nickel to test for restrictions in the Cranial System. This light touch simply assists the hydraulic forces  inherent in the cranial system to improve your body’s’ internal environment and strengthen its ability to heal itself.  Restrictions in the system can be caused by physical and emotional traumas.

Detox Foot Bath  30 minutes $65 +HST
The Ion Foot Bath detoxification accelerates change in the body. Aging and disease states are characterized by a diminishing anabolic capacity and an increasing catabolic capacity. Toxic buildup of cellular waste and debris is the inevitable outcome of these trends.

On-Site Seated Shiatsu    15 minute session $30 +HST



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