How many of you women out there have complained about how your partner or spouse cleans or does not clean the house?…well in your eyes?

One day while cleaning and mentally complaining I had a flash. Well a couple actually. First of all I should be grateful that he was so graciously cleaning on a Saturday while i was off having fun at school…it was his day off as well.

Second of all, if I was having an issue with the way he cleaned then whose issue was it really? MINE!!

But here is what I thought was really cool in the end. As I was wiping off the counter, I kept looking for what I left behind and going over it until I gathered up all the crumbs and food off the counter….

Then I had this flash of my partner wiping off the counter and looking to see what he had in his hand…

HA…Hunting versus gathering. Male versus female. A woman gathers and sees what she has left behind and a man goes out to hunt and sees what he has in hand not what he has left behind.

In hunting what counts is that he has food to bring home, a prize to share and take care of his tribe. “A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

Imagine if a woman did not look to see what was left behind, how many children may have been left behind….lol

In Light and Love,