We have more and more technology, but its the human behaviour that needs to shift. The brain being designed to keep us inside a box, (safe, familiar even if its not healthy) it usually takes crisis for us to change. Knowing that smoking causes cancer rarely stops us.

Its amazing how advanced we are becoming in detection, there is such a great need of change of action. What proportion of global crisis needs to happen before we get that our responsibility must become so much greater for ourselves as well as the world!?

I just read an article that shared a cool link to something called an Ibreast exam. A low cost, seemingly accurate, painless way to scan for abnormalities in breast tissue. Check out the article here. So that’s good. Is it on the market here yet? I have not heard of it till now, have you? Also, then what? Same path? Chemo, radiation, tumour removal?

Lets promote daily self care much more vehemently. Educate that we need to take care of the toxins that invade our bodies. Our bodies have adapted to the overload of toxins and store them very well in our fat tissue. We are not only overloaded with toxins, we are also nutrient deficient not only because we make bad choices, but even our good food is nutrient deficient and toxic and irradiated and GMO’d. Prevention is far easier than back tracking once the damage is visible.

I call it reverse Russian Roulette. The gun may still be there but by us taking things in hand and taking responsibility we can remove some of the bullets!

I believe that all people deserve to be vibrantly health and happy in their bodies and in their lives. I have been a professional in the wellness field for 20 years and I see more chronic illness than I did when I started. More medications, more issues. I help empower people through education and proven systems to support their health and feeling better than they have in decades!

Take a stand for your health! You get one body to carry you through this life! You can’t move, but you certainly can renovate!

Blessings to a vibrant life, Kate

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