Colour and Style

Welcome to the outside in space of YOU potentiality! Beauty is reflective on all levels of us! Inside out and outside in!

On this page we discuss at length the impact of color and what you can do to elevate the results in your life. I have partnered with Lalande Color DNA for a scientifically proven color system that will positively impact your whole life when applied. Guaranteed!

I have blended this and with partnered with Nygard International, an Iconic Canadian global fashion brand that delivers up to date, fresh, fun and most of all super comfortable and well priced clothing.

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You will LOVE the Quality and the Affordability of this line!

NOW lets get down to the power of color!

Whats does color have to do with it? Everything!

Surprisingly, we are subconsciously judged withing 15 seconds and color leads the way with this, not style. Don’t get me wrong style is important and it comes right after color. I’m sure you or someone you know had their colors ‘done’ in the last 25 years! This was a great thing, though now outdated and limited and not done through the science of color. It was based on subjectivity and opinion. Accurate to a degree. Now there is a system that is science based and many years of research has been put into this system!

I, like so many people, had my colors done years ago. Why? Because I wanted to apply it and promote it to help others improve the results in their life.

When I was introduced to Lalande Color DNA, I thought why would I want this? I know what to wear. I’m great with color and I had my colors done years ago. How many of you have or know someone who has had their colors done in the last 25-30 years?

After I learned about the science of color versus subjectivity and that this process and color application were created around the science of color I was intrigued and now am applying it and will never stop learning more in depth for my life. As Pierre says, he is always learning more about himself through applying his own process to himself and it is ever deepening. Most people are surprised at what they see possible, which is such a gift.

What is Color DNA?

Lalande Color DNA System has been developed over the last 30 years and is a scientific, repeatable, reproducible system and approach to harmonizing the best color palette for a given user. Head to toe clarification on the best colors both core and accent, jewelry, cosmetics, hair and more!

Wearing your correct range of colors will help make you look, younger, healthier and even more energetic and vibrant. Wearing the wrong colors-colors outside your ideal palette can make you look older, unhealthy, exhausted and even dull. Being out of your ideal color palette can also create distraction, chaos and disharmony. Its amazing how different the results can be in your life. Wearing the right colors boosts your self confidence, stimulates the right emotion, creates harmony and impacts your visibility and impact.

Beyond all of that, colors impact those around you and how they receive you! Know this and be empowered and create the impact you really want to create. Be the full expression of your authenticated colors and self and be empowered in a new and brilliant way and watch how the results in your life change.


Who would want this?

  • People of influence that want to be clear about the message they are sending.
  • People who want to increase their visibility, impact and income.
  • People that want to improve relationships.

Increase sales. Be heard. Be trusted.

About Pierre Lalande

Pierre Lalande, author of “Lalande Color DNA … Color Leads the Way” is the creator of the Lalande Color DNA system, which reveals and accurately identifies the colour uniqueness of an individual’s appearance and personality from head-to-toe.

Lalande told the press: “It’s about empowering the reader with a fail-proof system that accurately identifies the use of colours for consistent results every time – a personal head-to-toe guide to defining the authentic you.”

Why does it work?

  • It’s based on science and not random.
  • Colour impacts emotionally on you and others.
  • Using the Lalande Color DNA system takes the guesswork out of wearing and choosing your ideal colours.

Saves you time and money, all while creating a wardrobe with ease and flow. Discover how the colors you wear can make them look younger, refreshed and send out the impactful emotional message readers wish to convey.

Living in an authentic colour profile will last a lifetime whether for wellness or beauty, corporate image, decorating the home or right down to choosing the colour of the next car.

If you are a person of influence that truly would love more Visibility and Impact and want to know you are being harmonious to your desired message, delivery and outcome this may be the best system to leverage for this and more!

Call Kate Unger for more info, pricing options and get authenticated now! 416-854-0486.