You Potentiality


At 14 years old, I fell off a horse and landed on a dead tree. I have rarely ridden since, and from the age of 17, I suffered back pain and regularly had adjustments to reduce the discomfort. At 18 I became fascinated with supplementation and nutrition and devoured everything I could find to read and learn. Different philosophies and ideas and I applied them and tested the on myself and to this day I still do. At 21 I started working out with weights and gained 14 pounds of muscle in 3 months. In my 30’s I was told I had degenerating disc disease. I laughed, as I figure if I was diagnosed with it, who wasn’t? I kept looking for a way to feel better. I was introduced to shiatsu and I loved how I felt after my treatment. It was my first experience with massage. I loved that it was unique, different, outside the box thinking.

I ended up studying to become a Shiatsu Therapist and graduated in 1996. While I was in school, I struggled in alot of the science books, but I “got” the Qi, the 5 element theory, the meridians, Chinese medicine. It somehow made sense to me.

You Potentiality opened its doors in Vancouver 1997. With an office downtown and a vibrant film industry business in onsite massage, business was booming.

In the spring of 2000, Kate Unger and You Potentiality moved east to Toronto and launched her shiatsu practice working in several clinics before finding her home near the border of Mississauga and Etobicoke. She partnered with the Alpha Health Centre and this has been her home since 2003. Conveniently located near the highway with plenty of parking.

Now in business as a Health Professional for nearly 20 years and over 35 years of nutrition as a passion, Kate brings a wealth of inspired knowledge and experience to the table. Included in the offerings at You Potentiality are; Shiatsu massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Ear Candling, Healing Touch, Detox Foot bath Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice including; youthful aging, balanced weight loss, high performance sports nutrition and more.

Today I have no back pain, not the pain I had for so many years. Now its the aches of life, the muscle tension etc from a body worked hard at the gym and play.

The philosophy at You Potentiality is that if you come with an issue and you do not feel a difference in 2 treatments,  you will be referred on to someone else! Now we don’t claim you will be cured, but over 95% of people do feel a difference in one treatment. I believe there is a key to all issues, a solution. Never never give up!

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Blessings to your health and your life! I believe all people deserve to be happy in their bodies and in their lives! How about you?